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It is important to realize that La Salina is Baja's most diversified flying venue.  It is not unusual for one to see paragliders, hang gliders, powered paragliders and ultralight delta wing trikes all in the air at the same time on the weekend.  Within this context the following information is provided so that  participants respect each other as well as members of the non-flying communities who reside nearby.   

 RIDGE (Paragliding and Hang Gliding)

Puerto Cielo at La Salina is located approximately 40 minutes from the border crossing at San Diego and Tijuana. The ridge is about 4.5 miles long, and is about a mile east from the beach at La Playa de La Salina.  The ridge has been soared for eons by the original members of TEAM primarily the Ravens, Hawks, Vultures, Thermal Darters, Falcons, Eagles, etc.  Then early hang glider pilots discovered the venue and appropriately named it "THE PERFECT RIDGE" dating back as far as the late 70's.  

Since 1997 Bajabrent has managed the site providing all site maintenence at pepsonal expense.   Launches and LZs are carpeted/maintained by Bajabrent.  All windsocks, flags, banners etc. are replaced sometimes several times a year by Bajabrent.  Recently outhouses were constructed and supplied by Bajabrent. There are no fees paid to Bajabrent.  He does provide lodging at the beachfront and Tshirts, sweatshirts and other flying gear are available at his B & B or at the La Salina Cantina. Your patronage and acquisition of flying gear supports  his endeavor and keeps La Salina a "free site".


The Ejido is made up of a group of 49 families, like a Grange or Cooperative. Collectively, they own over 8000 acres. This area includes the property which starts at the dirt road that fronts the parking lot and goes up over the ridge, across the mesa on top as far as you can see. Most of the river valley of La Mission is also included. The Ejido La Mision belongs to the Mexican National Association of Ejidos (an Ejido is like a cooperative). NOTE: The Ejido has been very cooperative and accommodating. Please help us keep this site clean and in good maintenance.

 Accomodations can be arranged by Bajabrent  (see ), a pilot who resides on the beach across from the ridge.Bajabrent has flown La Salina for  12 years.

                                               GENERAL SUGGESTED RIDGE RULES


"Puerto Cielo" is NOT a typical coastal ridge soaring site. Although smooth lift may be found here, strong thermals, (1000 ft/min) are common. Expect turbulence near the ridge, especially in cross wind conditions. Be aware of the laminar flow of air, venturi effect, windshear, vertical and horizontal rotors.

 Extreme caution should be used when deciding to launch in wind velocities of 15 mph and greater. Use the south launch in winds crossing from the north. Use the north launch in winds crossing from the south. If the wind is NNW or SSW, this ridge becomes more dangerous:

 Use 2-meter radio frequency 144.995 or 144.250 MHz for communication. In case of an emergency, 144.995 is the frequency used by local pilots and emergency response personnel.

  1. Do NOT litter! Pack it in, pack it out!
  2. Carry at least a pint of water.
  3. Read the Emergency Procedures.
  4. Make sure everyone knows the Suggested Site Rules.
  5. Always do a preflight check which includes your reserve parachute.
  6. Wear a suitable helmet, boots and clothing, preferably long pants and a long sleeve shirt or flight suit.
  7. Wear a harness with back and seat protection!
  8. Be familiar with the alternate landing zones.
  9. Pilots on landing approach have the right of way.
  10. Pilots launching have the second right of way.
  11. The pilot with the ridge on the right has the right of way.
  12. Make eye contact with other pilots so you know they see you.
  13. Look before you start to turn.
  14. Remember, the craft that is below you cannot see you. If they are climbing, get out of their way! They have the right of way!
  15. In a head on collision situation, brake right!
  16. When overtaking on the ridge, fly between the lower craft and the ridge.
  17. When entering an occupied thermal, turn in the same direction.
  18. Watch out for the cactus, It can puncture your wing and feel very uncomfortable, if you get the point!
  19. NO UNAUTHORIZED CAMPING!!! It is Private Property.  Baja Police may arrest you and confiscate your property.

NOTE: Paragliding and hang gliding are inherently dangerous sports. They are made more dangerous by ignorance and bravado. Good pilots know their limitations and stay within the parameters of their abilities. Don't push the envelope!


Have lots of fun!




To address concerns of the community members of La Salina Del Mar, and Baja Seasons Resort, Baja Mexico and other nearby residents the following “Courtesy Recommendations” are hereby set-forth:


A. Courtesy Recommendations for motorized Ultralights, “Weight Shift Trikes” and PPG’s with less than 300cc motors


1.        When launching your aircraft in front of a La Salina Del Mar residence, you must launch at least 250 feet in front of the same. Upon launching, fly away from the homes and head toward the water line. If launching at Baja Seasons, the same applies , UNLESS management has specifically authorized a different protocol.  


2.        Be EXTREMELY careful while starting your PPG on the ground.  If possible, start your engine only while your PPG motor is on your back. 


3.        Check and double-check behind you for people, particularly children, before starting your engine and prior to initiating your reverse launch sequence


4.        For your own safety and the safety of others, be very careful to look for quads, motorcycles and even passenger cars especially during launch.


5.        When airborne, do not fly close to people, especially children, on the beach particularly near the water.  No “diving” or “swooping” tourist on the beach.


6.        Keep moving!  No “droning” in front of homes, (i.e. a circling pattern of less than 500 feet, repeated more than 3 times).  When crossing over homes, proceed in a straight line and do not make multiple passes overhead.


7.        The houses and condominiums south of Baja Seasons(La Salina Del Mar); the houses on the north end of the beach on the rocky point (Punta Piedra); the houses on the north end of the beach past the rocky point all the way to the K58 campground (Playa La Mision)  should all be avoided.  Do not over-fly these houses at less than 500 feet altitude and preferably higher.  When in doubt, FLY HIGHER!!!


8.        Do not over-fly the Baja Seasons resort property at less than 500 feet. When in doubt, FLY HIGHER!!!


9.        IMPORTANT: For your own safety be extremely aware of kites.  Kites can cut a paraglider wing in two before the pilot realizes what happened.  Kites are very difficult to spot from above.  Staying along the water line is a good way to avoid kites.


10.     Do not fly when prevailing wind is blowing off-shore.


11.     On longer cross country trips it is a good idea to fly in the slower upwind direction first.


12.     There is a riverbed located a mile-plus north from Baja Seasons meeting the “second” beach at a right angle.  There are high tension power lined less than a mile up the riverbed from the road.  These power lines are stretched from the higher ridges on either side of the riverbed, approximately five to six hundred feet above ground level. 


13.      Two new six-story buildings are being erected adjacent to the marina, south of Baja Seasons.  Be extremely careful about flying close to these buildings on the downwind side due to potentially fatal rotors.  It is a good idea to stay at least 300 feet from this building altogether except launch and landing.


14.     The ocean rip-tides and surf break is tremendously dangerous in the La Salina/La Mision area.  Do not try to foot-drag in surf or “dance” across wave crests. Pilots have been pulled into the break before.  If you get pulled into tide, you may not be able to recover let alone be rescued as there are no lifeguards or beach patrol.


15.     Due to the surf dangers, we request that you keep your eyes open for swimmers, surfers, boaters, etc. who may be in distress.  If you witness anything unusual, radio for assistance; land to provide assistance and/or fly to the nearest public resort (La Salina Cantina, Baja Seasons, BajaBrent’s) to contact emergency personnel.  Obviously, use good judgment as time may be of the essence.


16.     Lock your PPG securely if left outside unattended.  Be aware that at least one PPG was stolen from Baja Seasons during the night while secured with a large cable lock. If possible store your PPG indoors, in a locked vehicle or trailer.


B. COURTESY RECOMMENDATIONS SPECIFIC FOR PPG’S W/ SINGLE CYLINDER MOTORS IN EXCESS OF 300 cc’s., AND/OR UNUSUALLY LOUD MOTORS. Due to the extreme noise and slow pace of these aircraft, the following courtesy rules are recommended:


1.        Incorporate by reference the above rules 1-16, except as modified hereunder;


2.        Do not launch in front of any home in La Salina Del Mar.  Identify where the community’s northern property line extends (pylons in sand) and locate your aircraft on the north side of the same.  Then step off at least 250 feet in front of where a home might be located if the present LS property extended north.  This is the closest you should launch to the community. There is also an open beach area north of Baja Seasons., you should proceed 500 feet north of their northern property line.


3.        No launching before 10:00 AM.


4.        After launching head directly to the high tide mark, and fly north and south at the water line. When reversing direction, turn towards the ocean. Obviously fly high enough that when making your turn, you will have plenty of altitude to safely return to the beach in the event of an engine/glider malfunction.  Accordingly, it is recommended that you maintain a safe flying altitude of at least 200 ft.


5.        Fly only over the water or over the hard “wet” sand.  When flying in front of the homes or Baja Seasons hotel use minimum throttle settings.


6.        Flying over any residence is VERY HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. If you choose to head east you may do so assuming you are not flying over a residence and you are at an altitude of no less than 1,000 feet.


These Courtesy Rules are recommendations only. However, blatant/repeated violations may be reported to local authorities and police action could result.   

If you have any other questions about these recommendations; local flying conditions, or general information about La Salina; (perhaps you want to “shred” your motor and free-fly La Salina ridge?) Call BajaBrent, at 646-155-4218 (local #) email  or go to the La Salina Cantina and ask for BajaBrent, or  Casey Cadwell. Mike Purdy is also available at 858-775-2796 E-mail: .  You can find more information at  and/or












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