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La Salina Airsports



                            FREEDOM TO FLY IS IN BAJA!!! 
Flying at La Salina--with BajaBrent-- means being at the right spot, at the right time, and no parawaiting!....

                       E-team XC champ John Pitt launches w/in 8 minutes of arrival

Fly for hours, soar with hawks, thermal to cloud base, fly XC, glide to the ocean, land on the carpeted LZ, right at the B-4 beach porch, and if you miss...into the sand you go!!!!

                              (Bajabrent coming in for landing at the B-4 carpeted LZ)

Undoubtedly, you will make a choice whether to stay at the B-4 or some other local resort.  Bajabrent has good relations with the other local resort owners and appreciates services they can provide, HOWEVER, when it comes to Flying La Salina, perhaps you should consider the following

1. THE WORLD RENOWN B-4 caters to the pilot market. It has been featured in Phil Russman's  2008 DVD adventure "WHY WE FLY" and in other productions like Wing Envy's "ONE SKY".  The Pilot friendly environment hosted by Bajabrent (and Flipper) will make your stay as comfortable as possible.  The B-4 is on La Salina  beachfront and is a fairly easy glide from the ridge.  There is a carpeted terrace just above the sand in front of the beach porch at the B-4, if you can spot land!  There is also a second story observation deck above the complex accessible by spiral staircase that gives observers a 360 degree perspective of both the flying ridge and the ocean/beach. 
After hours, or when blown out the B-4 boasts a huge video/DVD library --of flying flix---for enjoyment on two mega-sets in grand room (stragically located) inclusive of super sound background.  Or you can enjoy a game of pool, in the covered courtyard, or oceanfront shuffleboard. You can hang with other pilots sharing the flying experience and enjoy that atmosphere in a more private facility than a motel or trailer park. Or find solitude on the semi-private/guarded La Salina Beach. The La Salina Cantina is stumbling distance from B-4.

                                The B-4 porch, carpeted LZ is just BELOW this shot!!! (casey cadwell PPG photo)

2.  THE B-4 OFFERS REASONABLE ROOM RATES AND PILOT DISCOUNTS: Regular Room rates are discounted by 10% for pilots Basically rooms run between $75-$95/night before discount.  Prices are competitive with other local facilities. YES the rooms are private. Some have private bathrooms. For the budget minded: hostel-style Frenchy's Quarters, $40/night/person or 3 nights for $99.  All rates include breakfast on Sat and Sun morning. The B-4 can accomodate up to 20 comfortably, although you can score your own private room as well.  For more info on rates email or go directly to  see (pls note all rates are for minimum of 2 nights...)Bajabrent can also hook you up with your own private beach home rental...

Bajabrent will tell how to find the best restaurants at the best rates, as well as buying other necessities locally WITHOUT PAYING TOURIST PRICES.  You also have kitchen privileges at B-4.  If you stay at a local resort YOU WILL PAY THEIR PRICES FOR meals, beverages etc., the end you will pay more. 

3. STAYING AT THE B-4 SUPPORTS . The B-4 and Bajabrent ARE THE ONLY FINANCIAL SUPPORT SYSTEM to the La Salina flying venue.  This flying site is NOT SUPPORTED by fees, licenses, or any other means normally associated with other flying sites.  There is no fee based flying school, gear for sale, etc.  Thankfully the local  Team FlyLaSalina members (2 ) contribute time, energy and resources, but in the end CASH is needed to pay for materials and manual labor. This is undertaken by Bajabrent.

                                     This crew of 4 worked 4 weeks to clean the LS flying site

Supporting the B-4 underwrites  the effort to maintain the ridge facilities and grooming the launches, parking area, switchback, and LZ's... 

                            This Kat don't look BIG but he's making mince-meat of that huge cement
                            slab, with only a sledge-hammer and his brawn!...never underestimate 
                            the will of a Mexican!!!!  viva Mexico!

All windsocks (3 large) and 8 smaller ones, the apparatus they are attached to,  numerous flags, carpets, secruring their placement, transport etc.  are paid for entirely by Bajabrent.  Some of these items require replacement 2-3 times per year.

                                 Flipper stencils a large new windsock FLYLASALINA on one side.


.. And our gracious Host...EJIODO LA MISION on the other....nice work Flip you deserve a toast!!!

                                As Flipper would say how you say that in "Mexican"

      AND Bajabrent mooches  the credit....        .
                                  The sock is then mounted on Local Mexican constructed frame designed by Bajabrent

THE  two man erection!!!  Thanks Pitt you're such a Tarzan...

                               (And although they always land at the B-4 beach---Team FlyLaSalina members
                                 John Pitt and BajaBrent erect  the inland LZ sock for the rest of you!!!!)
Pilots from all over the world enjoy flying at La Salina, but very few contribute any $$assistance.   Your patronage  through staying at the B-4, purchasing "FLY LA" flying apparel, helps defray these costs(available from Bajabrent directly, via email Bajabrent OR at the La Salina cantina).


 All Fly La Salina Baja flying gear, was designed  by Diane Gerard---(aka Flipper) who won USHPA recognition in 2007 for the La Salina logo design (USHPA Mag 12/07).  She also won the nationwide competition for cover of the October 2007 USHPA Magazine. Flipper received her P-1 and P-2 atTorrey Pines, although she now flies primarily at La Salina.

4. TEAM  Bajabrent has flown La Salina for over 11 years and hundreds of hours.  He first started flying there at the time the switch-back was being built and has a deep love of the flying site. For years he flew almost entirely by himself.   Even today he flies there 80% of the time by himself. Until recently Team FLYLASLINA was comprised of the ravens and hawks who are natives to the flying ridge, and BB. He has names for them all, feeds them a little, and in turn they show him thermals---kinda like parahawking.  Two of the ravens nest nearby the B-4 and are known to soar the front of the house when conditions are turning on to encourage Bajabrent and other pilots to come fly.

      (TEAM local pilots Randolfo and Rebecca soar close to encourage Bajabrent to launch)

In the last year, TEAM has expanded for the inclusion of HUMAN pilots in PG, PPG, HG, and triking backgrounds, most of them reside in the USA. All Team Members are B-4 patrons who support the flying site through service, time, resources and commitments to the betterment of the site and supporting the local flying coummunity.  They include, Dr. Rudy Gallardo (trike pilot/local doc/neighbor); Flipper (aka Diane Gerard), Terry Flint, Patrick Eaves (Team Wing Envy), Susan (the Chief) Tom and Gloria Weedon, Murdoch and Jan Hughes (WA pilots and authors); John Pitt (E-team); Brian Keown; and ground crew members Jack and Verda, Jessie, Roberto, and Francisco! (with an honorable mention to ground team member emeritus Owen Tippon).  Team has a special honorarium called the DEAD PILOT SOCIETY: including our brethern who flew and parished at La Salina (or nearby) including: Alan Chucalate, Peter Schertel, and Harlan Dunbar. Peter's and Harlan's ashes are spread over the ridge.


Bajabrent believes La Salina is the finest flying site in Northern Baja.  However, it is not a beginner site, and P-1s and P-2s should come with an instructor or contact Bajabrent to discuss the same.  Injuries are not rampant but do occur due to pilot ignorance of the site. Bajabrent has a good neighbor-pilot-Dr. He lives 4 doors up and has an examination/treatment room.  He has already serviced several injured pilots.  He is a member of TEAM 


5.SAFETY AND SECURITY: In all the years Bajabrent has hosted guest (6,000+ guests and counting), there have been no crimes/thefts, etc. of any  to his guests  NOT ONE!(perhaps something petty).  The B-4 is located in a gated, secured and patrolled community of  retired gringos.  You will be safe, your car will be safe, and so will be your gear, (however you prioritize the same).  Admittedly recently  the Baja has received a lot of bad press surrounding crime etc.  Although Bajabrent believes this is a lot of unfair publicity---most is drug related,  isolated in TJ, or Gringos placing themselves in harm's way,  and thus has no impact at the B-4. More info on Baja crime at 

6. BAJABRENT WILL HOOK YOU UP!!!Obviously other things to consider is Bajabrent's unique familiarity with the "locals" who reside in/around the flying ridge including La Salina, Puerto Salina, La Mision, La Fonda, Ensenada, Rosarito Beach etc. When he is not entertaining pilots. The B-4 and  Bajabrent  hosts groups, functions of various size and mix, who stay at the B-4, He is s known as the local who "hooks you up" with dining, entertainment,  nightlife, and  even karaoke.  If you want to come to Baja, and be treated like a tourist, you are welcome to stay elsewhere.  If you wanna blend in with the locals and be welcomed as such, stay at Bajabrent's.

DID WE FORGET TO MENTION CHEAP GAS:  ITS ABOUT 75 cents/gallon cheaper and every bit as good in Baja.

In summation, staying at the B-4 places you right at the heart of the action. at the facility owned/operated by the main local pilot. Your patronage and friendship can help keep La Salina the premier flying venue in Northern Baja. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: or call 760-203-2658, to leave a message, if June 5-15 try 01152-646-155-4218, B-4 direct, or Bajabrent's cell: 01152-1-646-155-4218 (yes there is an extra "1", in the cell #) . 

Done right in front of house all the time.  In fact, if you look close at the homepage split photo, you will see a delta wing on the sand to the right.  Yep one of the residents parks his tandem ultralight right on the beach.


Bajabrent loves to wake up in the morning and read the   windsock, don't    even have to get   out of bed  if  its still offshore!  But on cross days or very light afternoons, there's nothing like strapping into an eggbeater and getting in some yummy fly time.


Whether its an ultralight or a powered paraglider  you can launch your craft right out in front of the B-4 Beach house. A Dr. lives a couple doors down and flies his ultralight everyday possible. I'm sure he'd share his knowlege as he seems a nice fellow.He parks his wing on the beach at night,  so not to worry!


Meanwhile you can fly your ultralight to La Fonda, where Gabrielle keeps a fleet of ultralights or fly to Ensenada or follow back the valley gap  to Guadalupe  wine country! Up Up and Away!!!! BTW Of course buzzing the rooftops doesn't create neighborly love so practice flying manners. please. 


PARAGLIDING from the La Salina Ridge;


HANG GLIDING: from the La Salina Ridge


POWERED PARAGLIDING: From La Playas de La Salina


ULTRALIGHT/TRIKE from La Playa La Mision to La Salina and more more more


KITE SURFING / KITE BOARDING from La Salina harbor         


PARASAILING: being discussed and considered, but presently in Rosarito Beach


HOT AIR BALLOONING--- someone thinks so!!!








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